2018 – GratzUp… scaling

In February 2018 we went back in Rwanda for our first official “on field test” of GratzUp’s latest prototype (10). We focused our activities in the Nyagatare district , north east province of the country.

We drove across the region visiting many wild ponds  where most  of the population  collect  surface contaminated water for their daily domestic needs and also drink it .

We went to schools, villages and medical structures, testing and showing our system gathering a lot of attention and interest from a lot of the people we met and the local authorities involved.

Watch out!

From our experience  we came back with two convictions: the first was that our system functioned and was easy to under stand. The second was that in order to really satisfy the real needs we encountered, that we had to develop ulterior features regarding dimensions, technology and shorter times for use.

The conclusion of our first field test marked the beginning of a new enthusiastic research phase.

Beginning in  spring of 2018, the GratzUp team of research and development started working and in a few months there was a true upscaling of the project.

From the first GratzUp’s baby bottle which can go through a complete cycle of sterilization independently using any form of heat, to the first independent plant which runs on solar energy able to treat up to 1500 lt. of  contaminated water a day…

In May 2018, we received an invitation from the local authorities of Zanzibar (Tanzania) to present our project and to perform a series of site inspections to determine the possibility of setting up a future installation of plants.

At the beginning of the autumn 2018, we returned to Rwanda to explain to our potential collaborators that “ in order to change nothing, we decided to change everything”.  It was a devolution which seemed to be quite appreciated and it concluded in an agreement with Rwanda government and the Byumba diocese to install the first two pilot plants in 2019 in a school and an hospital providing safe water to about 1000 people daily, and successively an ulterior agreement to improve our G plants all over the country. We are finally ready to make the big leap ahead!

We love soccer and already during our first trip to Rwanda between one site inspection and another we made friends with the guys from Nyagatare Sunrise FC, a great local team that we decided to sponsor with and supply with all the technical equipment they needed and soon free clean water for  everyone!

In November 2018 GratzUp met Giulio Iachetti, an important Italian designer. The meeting was a real stroke of luck and Giulio immediately decided to start collaborating with us for the production of our new products: The new G bottle and the G tank..