2019 – What’s next?

We have been running since the very beginning and we are still running now, and we are sure that whatever will happen from here this moment on, it will always be a constant motion!

After a long and laborious phase of research and development, we are quite pleased to show you our first concrete results of what represents the core of our technology and which we will soon see working in the first two solar plants to be implemented in Rwanda. Stay tuned! 

The first “proof of concept” was conducted at the end of February 2019. Our team performed the trial on the banks of the Ticino river in Northern Italy obtaining a sample of contaminated water from the river and ran a complete sterilization cycle in less than 15 minutes by using the solar Energy available.

Our Zawa’s contacts (Zanzibar Water Authority) came around again, and this time they  sent us an official proposal to discuss the terms of a partnership with the local government for the instalment of one of our plants within the end of 2019. We will certainly rush back, as soon as possible!