2015 – Friends & family

At the beginning we didn’t have much money, so we contacted some friends, some of whom where engineers, film-makers, photographers, and … mothers. We all put together our experience and our knowledge and we made it. The first GratzUp’s functioning auto-sterilizing baby bottle complete with its safe nipple, was tested for the first time …

Professor Luca Paltrinieri, biologist, carried out, in his patented laboratory a series of tests aimed at demonstrating the efficacy of  our sterilization process through the bottle operation verification  as described below.


  • Petri dishes
  • TBX Agar Culture medium (to test for the presence of di E. coli)
  • Standard Agar Culture medium
  • 0.45 um microfilter filter
  • Extraction material with vacuum pump
  • Small sterile material
  • Water from the entrance channel of the “Bioggio” purifier
  • Bunsen burner
  • Baby bottle

The presence of bacteria in non-sterilized and in sterilized water was evaluated. Sterilized water means water that has spent 2 minutes within the baby bottle being used (in other words, having reached a temperature of 138.5 C and 3.5 atm).

Three types of tests were carried out, both for the dirty water as well as for the sterilized water:

  1. 1ml of water distributed over the already hardened culture medium;
  2. 1ml of water mixed with the culture medium before it hardened;
  3. 100ml of water that has passed through the microfilter by means of the vacuum pump.

Moreover, sterilization occurring on the teat was verified on both culture mediums. For each type of verification, 3 tests with 3 distinct petri dishes were carried out.

The water that passed through the baby bottle underwent complete sterilization. There was no bacterial growth in the culture mediums that contained water that was sterilized through The LS.

These are the professor’s concluding remarks:
Actively participating in the creation of the valuable project, and thereby helping these two young researchers, Mauro and Shairin, to realize their dream, was an enriching opportunity for me. It was with great excitement that we saw, together, the results of our experiments. These demonstrated the effectiveness of the baby bottle: the water and the teat contaminated with bacteria, including dangerous bacteria, treated through the system, were effectively sterilized. In fact, nothing grew on the Petri dish in the water coming from the baby bottle and from the teat after sterilization. The experiment was therefore successful. Thanks to this product, I am sure that many defenseless young lives will be saved. I will certainly also be supporting it in the future”.

Professor Luca Paltrinieri, Lugano, July 10th, 2015