The GratzUp sterilization system

A fast, scalable and cost effective solution that provides communities with clean, sterilized water and much more.*

The GratzUp technology is the most effective to safely and simply sterilize large quantities of contaminated water, even in the most remote areas of the world.

We based our research on the scientific principle which is the basis of the normal functioning of a laboratory autoclave that sterilizes its contents by respecting the data relationship regarding duration, temperature and pressure.

Starting from this basic assumption, and through the development of our 3D induction technology, we transferred it to our specials containers by reaching an internal temperature of 138.5 CELSIUS at a pressure of 3.5 bar for 120 seconds, and maintaining the water inside them in a liquid state, and completely sterilized!


G Plant can run entirely on solar power, requiring no grid support.

Total sterilization

The G Bottle and G Tank can be used to sterilize medical and cooking utensils.


GratzUp is a modular solution and all elements can be safely recycled.

* The sterilization plant can also act as a wi-fi hotspot and mobile phone recharging station.

0,5 lt. & 10lt.
  • Unique, an all in one baby bottle,  bottle and objects sterilizer at the same time
  • Simple and safe to operate
  • Durable, doesn’t run out or expire compared to competitors
  • Great efficiency in sterilizing the water, 3D induction technology
  • Self learning, all bottles and tanks controlled by microchip able to confirm each sterilization cycle
  • Virtually indestructible and appealing design (Giulio Iacchetti Design)
  • Lowest cost of sterilization per liter
22 ft.
  • Modular design, transportable with a truck
  • Green & sustainable, can run 100% on solar energy
  • Recyclable, every element of the system is recyclable, including contaminated water!
  • Easy maintenance, every element is quickly replaceable
  • Individual data control for every bottle and tank, can transmit data through http connection
  • Socialization space, it can be implemented as a hot spot!
  • Can sterilize up to 1500 liters per day *
  • Lowest cost of sterilization per liter

* 250 lt a day with solar power, 1.500 lt a day with electric power