About GratzUp

GratzUp is an impact investing start-up born in 2015 with the objective of finding actionable solutions to help solve the  problem of access to safe water globally.


We aim at becoming a corporation capable of guaranteeing ample marginality to its investors without betraying its ethical and sustainable vocation, as well as satisfying a primary need of our time in all its aspects from the global eco-political aspect to its profound humanity.

Business Model

We worked hard to rationalize our business model, putting major emphasis on maintaining maximum efficiency and economic sustainability, without losing sight of the fundamental concept of “Keep it Simple”.  Currently GratzUp is focused on direct commercial operations with the Governments of countries afflicted by water emergency.


Founder Mauro Gazzelli

Mauro Gazzelli

CEO & Founder of GratzUp

Born in Italy in 1978, studied Marketing and Management at the University of Lugano and has held management positions in various companies to then later invent the GratzUp technology and found the start-up in 2015.

Founder Shairin Sihabdeen

Shairin Sihabdeen

Founder of GratzUp

Born in Switzerland, Diplome Fédéral de Médecine, Université de Lausanne (UNIL). Karolinska Instiutet, Stockholm (SV). She worked at the CHUV Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vadois (Lausanne), she currently works as a doctor at the Ospedale Civico of Lugano. She is the co-inventor of the GratzUp system.